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Ba xr6 turbo t56 conversion

08.01.2021 Ba xr6 turbo t56 conversion

Recently purchased as I was considering a manual conversion but keeping my xr8 auto.

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Asking what I paid through a ford wreckers. Transmission in good working order. BA xr6 seats with the grey. Mostly stock. Motor dropped a valve in cylinder 6.

Xr8 bonnet. Non genuine. Has a dent as shown. Garret gtr. Little to no shaft play. Comes with all the engine accessories for a turbo, but turbo is not included all te parts required to turbo charge a non turbo barra Comes wit.

Low xxxkms. Runs and drives well. Tight 6 speed manual gearbox.

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T56 manual conversion. Will fit xr6 turbo. Comes as a complete conversion. Low kms. Runs well. Still in grace period xxxkms, turbo engine, t56 manual conversion sold, premium interior, with other mods.

Upgraded valve springs. If required I can also remove the vats security from your. They come with: Complete non turbo barra motor. All engine bay wiring with fusebox Ecu Throttle pedal with wiring cut OBD plug cut Pretty much everything you need to get your barra conversion started!!! Note these are just supplying the motor and associated parts.

This price is not us fitting the engines. We dont offer a fitting service yet. Can come with other parts for extra if required. Below are a list of all the conversions available, de. Its done xxxkms, and has dyno sheets for hp. Basic mods and external gate.

ba xr6 turbo t56 conversion

Motor, comp tested at psi across all 6. Complete minus turbo with dyno sheets and drilled factory injectors. Odometer is showing 99xxxkms. Motor has been comp tested showing between psi across all 6, and turbo is noisy. Both suit temp use or rebuild.I would rather replace the loom properly, but wreckers wont part them out, and I don't want a separate switch for reverse lockout if I can help it.

Xr6 turbo diy mods

Plenty of info if you look for it. I surprised how scant your search skills are. Reverse light, find the reverse light wires in the auto loom extended them and connect them to the reverse switch. Reverse lockout, earth one side of the solenoid at the gear box most use one of the mounting bolts for the solenoid and an eye terminal.

For power tee into the the brake light switch and run a wire through the console cut a small hole in the shifter boot and connect it to the lock out. When you want reverse tap the break pedal. A t56 loom won't help you as the correct manual 5spd if your car is old enough to be a four speed manual strategy doesn't have the reverse lock out functionality and flashing a 6spd strategy may give you cruise control issues.

I6 Wiring. BF 6 cyl ECU wiring. The other fix is to change the spring tension in the solenoid to half its tension, allowing you to engage reverse with less effort, but still locking out reverse adequately.


I've talked to the guy who makes the springs in the US and everyone is more than happy with the mod. Why should I have cruise issues with a 6 speed flash? You just need the right flash in conjunction with the gearbox's synchro's.

I believe the loom will work, from talking to many a wrecker! I didn't say it was the best method, it is just the most common. Doubtful solenoid wear would be an issue.

I ran this set up in my old ute for 4 yrs and over k kms and the gear box now lives in my MK2 and the solenoid still performs fine. The proper fix is to set the switch on a relay, timer and switch. Why don't you post up the details of this mod?Whether it be to get your vehicle back on the road so you can keep doing the important things you need to do, or to allow you to improve your vehicle and take pride in your car with Performance Parts, Alloy Wheels, Interior trim parts such as leather seats.

We can help to save you money. We are a local South Australian Family business established for over 30 years. Many of our Ford Parts and Spares and priced at under half the new price of your local dealership prices. We offer services to Trade customer and retail customers. The owners of the business work in the business so we are keen to make your experience with Athol Park Wreckers a positive one.

We are licenced second hand dealers and members of the Motor Trade Association of South Australia and Hotline40 auto parts. If we dont have your ford parts in stock we will assist you in locating them or get them in for you. Our extensive parts interchange knowledge means you will get the right part first time, we are a specialist Ford dismantler, when you go to a specialist wrecking you get specialist advice and we believe you receive a superior product.

We offer shipping of our parts Australia wide and our excellent warranty stands up to the test. All parts sold by Athol Park Wreckers are guaranteed. In addition to our massive recycled parts range we also stock a number of new genuine and aftermarket Ford parts. In conclusion we also have an electronic module programming capability which means we can install any electronic vehicle module purchased from us and offer advice on correct calibration.

We use Ford motor company factory diagnostic tools to install all software to the latest updates and can assist in diagnosing any problems.

ba xr6 turbo t56 conversion

Contact our friendly staff for more information. Please contact one of our friendly staff on 08 with any questions you may have we really are happy to help. Request a part now!We target 6psi of boost on our converted cars without any reliability issues.

Ba Xr6 Turbo T56 Conversion

The engine is very strong as strong as the Turbo one but has slightly higher compression ratio, for which we compensate when tuning. Our conversion includes all the best parts for the fuel, turbo and intercooling system for great power and reliability. We use factory Ford parts for most of the conversion to guarantee the best quality and fitment.

A lot of people recommend changing to a turbo but we disagree. If your car is a great driver and has been taken good care of, why change that for a beaten up turbo with dubious service history if you can get the same performance for less money on your own car? Other say just drop a turbo engine in your car — again with unknown history and mismatched engine numbers, that can bring more problem than it solves.

This solution would also involve wiring modifications, ECU transplant the cost of the whole fitting of the engine. This conversion is fully reversible if you want to bring your car back to stock to sell or some other reason.

When upgrading the power of your car substantially the driveline also sees increased stresses. On manual transmission cars this usually means a new clutch while on the automatic cars this modification should be accompanied by a transmission oil cooler and suitable transmission programming which we offer with our kits.

Our conversions are tuned on the Dyno so your car will have a Dyno sheet from before and after the modifications. We do the install and dyno tuning in house so we can guarantee the quality of the work and the best result for you.

Call us at 02 or email us at engines rpengines.Disagree with Universal. The XR6 is the sport version of the falcon, with the G6E being the luxury pack. Motor, comp tested at psi across all 6. It includes the bumper with all brackets, grille, and headlights.

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Automatic; Manual. For over six years Nizpro Turbocharging has spent more time developing the ZF 6HP26 6-speed automatic than any other in house project during this same period. Rare Turbo Diesel 6-speed manual 2. To ensure total performance, the Falcon XR6 Sprint received a tailor-made launch control system and a firmer sports suspension with revised spring rates and increased rebound damping for the ultimate in body control.

Very low klm's, drives excellent and.

Ba Xr6 Turbo 6 Speed Manual Conversion

This car would have top RPM of The range itself was substantially unchanged, though the Tremec T56 six-speed manual transmission was available in the XR6 Turbo and XR8 variants.

The Baja Turbo boasts a turbocharged version that produces hp and. The Turbo R4 transmission has taken the conversion world by storm and is a good option for the same reasons as the TH, with advantages in having both a lower first gear and a. This 3 speed transmission has its gear ratios defined as 2.

Its engine is a turbocharged petrol, 4 litre, double overhead camshaft 6 cylinder with 4 valves per cylinder. The cluster displays 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th gear properly 5th stays blank and 6th displays as 5th. Body Style Ute. This Turbo car the enjoyed cult status among automotive enthusiasts.

OP when taking off from the a complete stop keep the revs at around 2, and this will give you enough power to get up to speed while not drinking much fuel at all. Never miss 3rd gear again!. Torque converter stall speed - The Turbo V6 benefits from a high stall speed converter. The ZF also has the performance mode manual without the clutch Ive had my FG XR6 for just over 3 years and i could never go back to a manual or 4 speed auto.Ba Xr6 Turbo T56 Conversion.

Performance Exhaust. Little to no shaft play.

ba xr6 turbo t56 conversion

Dodge Viper. Motor has been comp tested showing between psi across all 6, and turbo is noisy. Garret gtr.

Na to turbo xr6 conversion- Part 2 Diy Barra rebuild, assembling the engine

All of our upgrades are engineered to fit perfectly. BA semi-manual shifter conversion Electronic shift kit 4. Concentric Slave Cylinder to suit Ford and Holden Tremec T56, and Ford XR6 Turbo T5 Transmissions Flexible remote bleeder fitted, making the bleeding process much easier, and no longer will you have messy clutch fluid in your bellhousing. This is a drive in drive out price including all parts, oil and service items and labour.

Stock, it's great but as you would have read, it has room for so much potential.

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XR6 turbo and FPV car's and part's for sale hat Both suit temp use or rebuild. Xr8 bonnet. Why not do the conversion before your box breaks and recoup some money by selling your 5 speed to somebody else that has broken theirs.

We use factory. Our conversion includes all the best parts for the fuel, turbo and intercooling system for great power and reliability. Non genuine. The T56 six-speed manual makes it a lot of fun to drive, and the diff is a disc-brake BorgWarner out of an ED Falcon, with spline axles. Xr6 turbo developments intake Xr6 turbo developments intake.Want full 6 speed for ford bf xr6t. Genuine Ford au xr6 sedan automatic solid rear axle diff standard length tailshaft, will suit others eb ed ef el or xd xe xf with a E series diff conversion Pickup Canberra ACT or buyer can organise a courier service for pickup.

PayPal accepted. Turbo ba falcon gear shift with surround and pedal box with aftermarket pedals Xr6t xr6 ba bf falcon turbo btr 4 speed automatic transmission conversion. Poor condition. Missing some parts, motor has slightly low comp in a few cylinders. Complete minus turbo. Good to take parts off for a turbo conversion. Turbo not included. Turbo has very slight shaft play. Still good condition though.

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Lsd isnt tight. FG Falcon non turbo heat shield. Good usable condition. Surplus parts from a NA T conversion. Winchester Automotive. Toyota and Lexus Dismantler. Genuine OEM and aftermarklet parts stockist. Ba xr6 turbo engine harness To suit anyone doing an engine conversion. Leater interior. Clearly was a mature owned vehicle that wasnt beaten on. Ligtning strike 09 paint code Motor. Runs very well. Little to no shaft play. Drives beautifully.

Leather is still very soft.


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